Turks and Caicos

Our story of moving to turks and caicos Islands

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When i first find out i was pregnant with our daughter, around the same month we found out that my husband was offered a new job opportunity in Turks and Caicos Islands. At that time we lived and work in Dubai (UAE) where we had our secure jobs, covered health insurance, steady income and felt like it was a perfect time for us to expand our family. But once we heard about the job opportunity in Turks and Caicos we immediately started re-considering our plans for the future. I always wanted to travel, i hated being stuck in one country, on top of that we spent 6+ years in UAE and experienced almost everything we wanted, so we saw this as a great opportunity to move on the other side of the globe.

We didn’t think twice. We negotiated our benefits, signed the contract and we were ready to plan our procedure leaving the UAE.

While our papers and visas for Turks and Caicos were in process we decided to spend few months back in my home country Macedonia and do additional pregnancy check ups since I was having few complications.

When we were in Macedonia my husband visa was ready so he had to leave before me. There were mixed emotions, but we were convinced that we will be together well before the baby arrives. So I actively started re-searching about giving birth in Turks and Caicos. 

On my way to my 30th week appointment with the OBGYN my husband told me that my visa is approved and I was head over heels to ask my doctor to sign the paper for me to be able to travel. BUT, during my check up the doctor told me that I am already having mild contractions and will not be able to travel. I was so surprised as I never felt single contraction.

There were mixed emotions, I was sad because I immediately knew that my husband will miss the birth of our first child, and I will not have him beside me through all these hard times. But I knew that I had my family here to support me when it was the hardest.

When I was 32 weeks I gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. She had to stay in NICU for almost 1 month due to the pre term birth and in the mean time my husband managed to come back and be with me when we first took our daughter out of the hospital.

The pre-term birth led to minimal brain bleed due to the vaginal birth pressure. So as per the pediatrician and neurosurgeon we had to stay away from traveling until she was 3 months. 

So, once she turn 3 months we were more than ready to go and join papa in the paradise Island Turks and Caicos.

When my daughter was 1 month my husband had to go back, and after all check ups for my daughter when she turned 3 months we got the go ahead from her neurosurgeon and pediatrician that we are finally allowed to travel.

In August 2018 we finally arrived in Turks and Caicos Islands.

Expat Mama of a toddler girl, currently living in Japan.

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